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Try Some More

Try Some More

Resilience and persistence are two traits which we hope to instil in our children so that they may achieve in life, even when faced with challenges. This book features four children learning to master new skills with the help of their family, friends and a repeated phrase:


“If you try, try and try some more,

Then you’ll do things you couldn’t before.”


Follow their journeys until they all eventually experience success, showing that learning takes time and reiterating the importance of never giving up.


Postage prices are based on weight and will be calculated in the cart. Free local pickup available in Mackay and Warwick.

  • Free Resources

    To compliment the book, an extensive range of resources for parents and teachers is available here.

  • Additional Book Details

    ~ 28 pages

    ~ Soft cover

    ~ 21.5cm x 27cm

    ~ Portrait orientation

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