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About The Authors

Hayley Apelt

Hayley was born and raised in Warwick, Queensland. After finishing high school, she moved to Toowoomba, completing a Bachelor of Education at the University of Southern Queensland. For nearly a decade, she taught high school English and various other subjects, working as a Head of Department for her final four years before embarking on her favourite job of all – motherhood. Hayley currently resides in Mackay with her husband, Chris, two children, Harper and Carson, and mini fox terrier, Indy (who thinks he's a rottweiler).


As an English teacher and mother, Hayley values literacy and reading. Her philosophy towards writing is based on a quote from American novelist, teacher, professor and Nobel Prize for Literature winner, Toni Morrison:


“If there’s a book that you want to read,

but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.”


 Hayley was inspired to begin her journey as an author when she tried, yet failed, to find particular books for her own children – consequently, her writing is based on themes which she feels are currently under-represented on bookshelves but that contain crucial messages.

Luana Olsen

Luana is Hayley’s older sister and was also born and raised in Warwick. After finishing high school, she completed a Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood) at Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane. For nearly ten years, she taught lower primary classes, with a particular passion for Prep and Year One. Luana spent several years away from teaching to raise her two children, Eli and Zali, before returning to the workforce as a supply teacher for the last four years.


Luana has always loved teaching reading and now enjoys sharing books with her own children daily. She believes that reading to children from a very young age leads to increased oral language, a greater understanding of the world around them, strategies to deal with aspects of their lives, and the skills required to read and comprehend books themselves. In her opinion, books can open a window into worlds that children are yet to see, or may never see, which can lead to important discussions and learning. The books Luana co-authored with Hayley were on topics that she felt were important to explore with children and help them develop as individuals. 

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